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During the last two decades, the municipal work has undergone a qualitative leap forward in implementing the program of upgrades introduced by the Tunisian administration since the early 1990s to achieve the total development and enable the country to move from excellence to the challenging.

The municipality has a role in the development of services and infrastructure and the entrenchment of a culture based on environmental hygiene, interest in public health, a healthy environment for the city of tomorrow a city ahead in terms of infrastructure and public facilities.

The comprehensive reform program that aims to reach the city of Carthage, all included the workings of government as the means of action, the human element, services and improvement of infrastructure is an essential basis of program upgrade.

As regards the human element, we worked to raise the capacity of workers and improving their professional skills through training and retraining.

The municipality has also worked to further optimize the management of its resources to develop them further, follow the progress of claims and conduct in spending.

In the context of developing ways of working of the administration, information technology has been introduced in all municipal services. The municipality has also established a plan for maintenance of records and Municipal Archives. In addition, it has been conducted in the office equipment and facilities by helping to work under satisfactory conditions.

In order to improve the relationship with citizens, the municipality has worked to further improve reception, orientation, supervision of citizens' concerns and involve them in the municipal work and the intensification of direct contacts with them.

Regarding infrastructure, health care and the environment, the municipality has taken a particular interest in basic infrastructure and has completed over the past decade, an investment program in excess of 8 billion enjoyed by the infrastructure sector, through the pavement and intersections on the other hand, the municipality took care of the entrance of the city sidewalks, and has developed a network of roads in tourist areas.

In terms of hygiene and care of the environment, the program of the municipality passed the stage of daily cleaning of the area and beautifying the entrances to the city with ornamental plants to a new step step is to improve the quality of life, the refinements of popular cities and the realization of urban parks.

Several major projects were dedicated to Carthage, including :

 El Abidine Mosque :

El Abidine Mosque is a beacon of light in the contemporary history of Carthage in addition to other monuments of this ancient town reflecting the care enjoyed by the religion of Islam, its pure values and rituals in Tunisia of today.

It was built on the hill "Dido" with an area of over thirty thousand square meters and includes a prayer room for 1,200 worshipers, a hall shaped square one thousand five hundred square meters, would undermine one of height fifty-five feet and a carport

El Abidine Mosque


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